Buy a Flute

FlutePriceDiscount included
Student Flute YAMAHA 282ID729 €12%
maillechort argenté – plateaux creux alignés
– €15%
maillechort argenté – plaque d’embouchure et noyau argent – plateaux creux alignés
– €15%
Professional Flutes MURAMATSU – SANKYOPrice on Demand

Price including taxes

Trial are available at the Salon De Musique (by appointment)

All instruments come with a case and accessories

Waranty of 2 years

Here are some tips to know before you buy a flute for you

Why choosing a musical instrument repair shop to buy a flute?

Today, many of us have become accustomed to comparing prices on the internet with prices in different stores (workshops).

The competition is tough. However, we must be alert to attractive offers.

Beyond the price charged, it may be useful to look at what can make the difference

  • The trust you place in your luthier that will always be here for all small adjustments, the reliability of its work.
  • The choice that will help you make one of the instruments available in the market and selected by him/her because of their quality.
  • The care with which your luthier control and prepare the instrument of your choice before you hand in hand.
  • The quality and duration of the guarantee that you will pay.

You knew your luthier was more than just a dealer!