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Some simple recommendations for the use of your flute

Assemble your flute

Hold the instrument by its ends.

Do not apply pressure on the keys.

If your flute is hard to fit, do not force it and clean the nests with a soft cloth.

Internal cleaning of a flute

It is very important after each use of the flute, to clean the inside to prevent moisture distorts buffers.

Use your swab covered with a soft, lint-free cloth, cotton or silk.

Avoid using talc or cigarette paper when an adhesive pad.

Setting the head cap

Below how your écouvillon should look like when the head cap is set.

A number of small repairs can be made directly by yourself.

Maintained a reliable instrument will remain longer.

The lifespan of traditional buffers is more or less five years, slightly less for the type of buffer © Straubinger.

I am available for any information on repairs of flutes.