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Atelier de flûtes traversières Piccolos en ut altos basses

Flute Repair Specialists in Paris.

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The Salon de Musique is pleased to offer our customers one of the country’s finest instrument repair facilities.

Please give our qualified technicians the opportunity to put your wind instruments into the best possible playing condition.

Cleaning & Settings

  • Complete disassembly of the instrument
  • Cleaning
  • Setting all keys and corresponding parts
  • Adjusting grip
  • Replacing, if necessary, the head cap
  • Repairing small dents
  • Oiling the mechanical parts

Estimated time 2 days


  • Full dismantling of the instrument including pinned hinges
  • Cleaning the body
  • Replacing the head cap
  • Adjusting the grip
  • Adjusting the mechanical parts
  • Replacing pads, cork wedges and felt
  • Choosing the type of tampons, traditional or © Straubinger
  • Repairing small dents
  • Oiling the mechanical parts

Estimated time 1 week

Repair rates

Cleaning & SettingRebuffering
Training Flutes112 €385 €
Semi-professional Flutes135 à 160 €495 €
Professional Flutes160 à 190 €625 €
Old or Prestigious FlutesRequest a QuoteRequest a Quote

Price including taxes