Le Salon de Musique - Paris

Atelier de flûtes traversières Piccolos en ut altos basses

Flute Rental Specialists in Paris.

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Flutes Rental Rates

InstrumentsPer FortnightPer MonthPer 3 Months
Curve Head  Only39,00 €
Student Flute Small Hands26,00 €75,00 €
Flute Full Trays Shifted26,00 €75,00 €
Flute Empty Trays Shifted30,00 €87,00 €
Flute Empty Trays Stright34,00 €98,00 €
Piccolo28,00 €81,00 €
Ebony Piccolo32,00 €48,00 €138,00 €
Student Alto Flute – trevor j.james76,00 €140,00 €410,00 €
Basse Professional Flute – roosen150,00 €280,00 €780,00 €

Price including taxes

Booking fee : 12,00 €

Flutes Rental Agreement:

  • The minimum period of fifteen days or one month.
  • The rent has no limit in time
  • The payment of the lease is monthly or quarterly, payable in advance.
  • A bond is required
  • The Salon de Musique will maintain the instrument except damage due to anormal use.

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